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In the summer of 2009, the Manchester Citizens Corporation (MCC) Board of Directors partnered with Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation (PHLF) to commission a neighborhood planning process. The decision to undertake a planning process reflected a number of issues including the recognition that MCC’s existing planning documents were out of date with respect to reflecting the existing conditions in the neighborhood, and the desire to respond to increasing demolitions in Manchester in a proactive manner. MCC felt that the elements of a neighborhood wide strategy were embodied in the organization’s current development projects, but needed to be enhanced and articulated as part of a neighborhood planning process.

MCC and PHLF desired to create a plan that is a dynamic rather than a static document. As a result, the planning process focused on establishing strategic principles and guidelines that would not change, even as the condition of individual parcels in the neighborhood changed. Although the Plan includes some parcel-specific recommendations, the plan is designed to focus more on overarching principles and guidelines.

The Plan’s focus is on vacant and abandoned property. This is a critical issue as identified by Manchester residents and it is supported by data that indicate Manchester has a significant number of vacant properties. Vacant property poses a threat to public safety and the integrity of Manchester’s historic district. Dealing with the issue of vacant property in a systematic and well thought out manner is an objective of this Plan.

The goals of this Plan relate to improving the physical and market conditions in the Manchester. If the Plan is successful, the measurable results will include: fewer vacant properties, greater private investment in renovations, and higher property values. With a stronger real estate market, Manchester will have fewer vacant properties and be a more desirable place to live for existing and potential new residents.

Follow the link to access the complete document: The Manchester Neighborhood Plan (2009)


The slides below highlight some recent milestones in completing The Manchester Neighborhood Plan (2009). MCC will continue to work from this neighborhood strategic plan to reduce blight and abandonment throughout our community. Thank you to all of our partners and funders for your continued support as we work toward "Completing Manchester"!

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